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Here you can indulge in:

  • Reviews of financial services events
  • Interesting financial planning case studies based on real clients or case law
  • Technology announcements and reviews of hardware and software that are relevant and useful to Financial Services Professionals
  • Interviews
  • My thoughts and opinions on the future of financial planning

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"More more, Baie dankie Francois! Hoop dit gaan nog goed met jou en jou familie. Jy vra almal maar niemand vra jou hoe dit met jou gaan op die koffie sessies in die oggend. Is jy ok? In ons industrie leer ons maklik om ons gevoelens goed weg te steek terwyl ons met mense praat. Vanoggend se sessie is baie goed. Dankie vir al jou hulp elke dag. Dit is regtig goud werd!"

Soretha Murray CFP®

"Francois, you know what is interesting – the sessions I had thought would be the least interesting (they are all interesting – just some more than others 😉) are the ones I got excellent value out of. This really just highlights the great work you are doing."

Neil Phillips

"Thank you for your episode 30 on WhatsApp. Since then I have been thinking about creating a broadcast list for my clients. About 3 years ago I started a WhatsApp group, with disastrous consequences, as I invited people that didn’t know me well. I received some rude comments from some people. I have started baby steps. Armed with the knowledge from that episode, I am sure I will have a good start and planning this time."

Kevin Yeh, CFP®

"I would like to congratulate you and thank you for the morning sessions you have been doing, I am working my way through them and am very impressed with the content. You have added a huge amount of value to our business and I would just like to say a very big thank you."

Marcelle Jardim, CFP®

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